Circle 7 Brew Works

The Brewer

The Brewer

Eric D'ancicco- Maltose Alchemist / Guy that signs official stuff

Eric D’Ancicco- Owner/Brewer

I came to brewing, as many do, by accident. A friend bought me a Mr. Beer kit. I made the beer, closely following the directions precisely for fear of spoiling the sweet nectar. Looking back now, my process was awful and I’m surprised I even made alcohol at all. The beer was wretched, and I drank every ounce of it gleefully. I had made beer. Bad beer, but beer none the less. I was hooked. I couldn’t afford to go to school to become a brewer, but I could read, and read I did. Every book on the art of fermentation sciences I could find I read over the next 10 years as my hobby expanded through many iterations of home built systems. As I fine tuned my craft, it became obvious that I would need to turn the corner from a homebuilt hobby system to a more precisely controlled process from the grain milled all the way to your glass, which you are hopefully holding while you read this. Only then would I be able to control every facet of the brewing process and achieve the highly repeatable results that beer snobs like myself are always paying attention to.

I had made beer….I was hooked – Eric D’Ancicco

In 2015, through a bit of luck and a lot of fate, I discovered that the great state of Washington will allow breweries to operate out of a residential property. Before you get any grand ideas; there are plenty of procedural hoops which, if not navigated precisely, will lead to many variations of dead ends. In mid 2016, Circle 7 finally opened to the public. We run a 24 gallon brew house with the ability to produce about 3 bbls a month. It is my earnest hope that, with your help, we can dramatically increase that capacity very soon!


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